Queensland Vedic Cultural Centre

Queensland Vedic Cultural Centre is located in the suburb of Willawong, the ward of Moorooka in the council of Brisbane, the state electorate of Sunnybank and the federal electorate of Moreton.

Help us raise funds for Multicultural Multipurpose Community Hall-Queensland Vedic Cultural Centre- Major Fundraising Appeal Queensland plays a major role in accepting and promoting the multicultural affairs of various countries and ethnic groups and it is here many cultural groups and religions co-exist in harmony with people taking part in each other’s festivals and celebrations. With all the festivities and celebrations from diverse migrant communities and Australians, this beyond doubt fosters tolerance among all the people from different cultures and ethnic background which brings true multiculturalism in Queensland. It is a proud moment for the multicultural community of Queensland to know that they will have access to a multicultural multipurpose community hall and Yaj bhavan and Yajshalla facilities in Brisbane (198 Learoyd Road, Willawong Qld 4110). It will have a vibrant new look and exciting facilities to ensure the premises continues to move and meet the needs of the growing multicultural population and flourish well into the future. Also with international visitors in Brisbane reaching record highs last year with very impressive growths from India and close to 80,000 international students here there will be a great opportunity for them to visit and participate in the activities at the Queensland Vedic Cultural Centre. All Queensland communities are set to greatly benefit from the establishment of the Queensland Vedic Cultural Centre.   Apart from many other communities using the multicultural multipurpose community hall   facilities we will be promoting greater awareness and understanding of the Indian culture, identity and heritage. We are part of one humanity and express ourselves differently through language, music art and food etc and this premises will be a place to celebrate our diverse cultures and this will bind us together and will unquestionably expand our perspectives. It is vital to build united and sustainable communities. Queensland’s cultural diversity has contributed in a large way over many years in making this sunshine state the great place it is. Over the years we have provided opportunities to our members to become active in the community and become positive contributors to the society. There is a need for people of different communities to meet, mix and work together and we have realised that as there is no suitable community hall in this area of Brisbane. Many communities are not able to do all the rituals in most the halls that we currently have for example there are prohibitions in lighting contained fire to do Havan and other celebrations. We have established that in order contribute constructively we need a multipurpose community hall.


Through the tireless effort of our members we purchased an acreage property (2.5 acres) for $800,000 to build the Queensland Vedic Cultural Centre, project initiated by the determined members who contributed towards the purchase and are still paying off the bank loan. The establishment of a Cultural Centre with a multicultural multipurpose community hall, Havan Satsangh Bhavan/ Yajshalla in Brisbane has been in the minds of members for some time as it was strongly felt that such a centre is a must to bring peace, prosperity, happiness and good fellowship now and in the future. As a final stage of the project there is an initiative also to build a retirement facility. The multipurpose hall will be able to cater for a wide variety of functions, such as Community meetings/functions- Havan Yaj, Weddings, birthday, anniversaries, Seminars, Training events, Library, Receptions, Concerts, Fitness classes, Nutrition healthy eating classes, Recreational activities, Art classes etc. The Centre will be utilized to promote Vedic teachings, Yoga, Meditation, Hindi, Sanskrit, Indian culture, Languages, Traditions and Music. The centre will promote social cohesiveness of multi-cultural, multi-racial and multi-religious communities by providing an excellent facility for the conduct of social and community development activities.

The hall can be used by different communities for- youth development programs by involving them in the community events such as drug awareness; promoting the welfare of our senior citizens; providing support for our women suffering from domestic violence; assisting new migrants to make them easy for them to integrate into Australian society and other Community building activities. The building of the multicultural multipurpose community hall and Yaj Bhavan and Yajshalla facilities in Brisbane is at an advanced stage with all the approvals being obtained from authorities and the work is being carried out entirely on the good will of the people. Many community leaders and officials have commended the achievement to successfully obtain this multimillion dollar land and house property and members banding together to work towards developing this very meaningful project. We caught up with the Chairman of Queensland Vedic Cultural Centre and President of Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Queensland Inc. Mr. Jitendra Deo who said a plethora of community based activities including weddings, music/dance classes, yoga, youth and senior citizen activities and spirituality workshops are only few to name. He said we humbly seek ongoing support of members of the community at large to make this vision a reality which will make us all culturally richer with wondrous variety of lifestyles from around the world and positive contribution from people of different cultures. The Chairman further said that his organisation is happy to take on board the Queensland Governments policy on multiculturalism and work towards creating employment and growth, promoting tourism by increasing the exposure of Brisbane among culturally diverse population interstate and overseas. As a Pacific regional conference is planned for 2018 and this precinct is to play a very key role in the participants cultural and spiritual need while the image culture familiarity and exposure created will encourage further visits from the international participants. Mr. Jitendra Deo pointed out that we have to lay a strong foundation for the future generation as far as our language and culture is concerned and   assured that these various stages of the Queensland Vedic Cultural Centre project will take the organisation to new exhilarating possibilities and the facilities will be an ideal precinct to promote socio-cultural cohesion. As we will be ready to begin construction in the near future we are counting on your support and with your kind assistance this significant initiative of the Sabha would bring meaningful return to the community. We recognise the benefits this centre will bring to the local community which does not have a multipurpose community hall at the moment. This will be a large and expensive task, but through your generosity we can make it happen. We humbly appeal to everyone; we need the support of the wider multicultural community for this noble project of raising funds for the multipurpose multicultural community hall. We will very much welcome general public to come forward with their families to help us achieve the target. Any contribution will make a difference and all big or small contribution will count towards helping our community realise its dream. If you are contributing to this honourable project or similar you will definitely be blessed in abundance. Our heartfelt and special gratitude for the invaluable support for this massive project. Everyone is welcome to be involved in this historic project and please make some monetary contribution to facilitate the cultural activities of our current and future generations. The association is still far from achieving its target and needs your support to fulfil its noble objectives with minimal impediments. As you will no doubt appreciate the development of the Cultural Centre will need considerable funding resource ($1.8Million) an appeal is made to you and your organisation to please assist us in this important venture.

All donations regardless of size will be very gratefully acknowledged.
Should you require more details about this vital fundraising effort please feel free to contact any of the following officials –
Chairman Mr. Jitendra Deo 0411 798 012
Secretary Mr. Rakesh Singh 0422 059 325
Treasurer Mr. Mul Chand 0428 466 698 
Donations can also be deposited directly into the Bank   – Bank of Queensland
Name of Account- Queensland Vedic Cultural Centre  BSB- 124-001 Account Number – 22274433
After bank transfer please kindly inform us via email: [email protected]
We look forward for your kind generosity and support. May the blessings of the ALMIGHTY GOD be upon you all.
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