JPs, Marriage Celebrants and Purohitas

Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Queensland has the following JPs, Marriage Celebrants and Purohitas


Purohit in the Indian religious context means a family priest, from Puras meaning front, and hitaplaced. The word is also used synonymously with the word pandit or pundit  that also means a priest. Please contact us if you require the services of a Purohita.


Our society has become so complex; thousands of formal documents have to be signed each day and a host of legal procedures have to be carried out. For this to happen, we need a system that is quick, cheap, reliable and does not place a greater burden on legal practitioners and officers. – Queensland Government.

By dealing with routine matters, JPs free lawyers and the courts to concentrate on cases that require professional legal training.

Some JPs are shown below.

Jitendra Deo [email protected] (07) 3263 1914
Pta Usha Rai [email protected] (07) 3390 6590
Pta Ramkali Singh [email protected] 0414602256
Anil Karan [email protected] (07) 3390 6934
Pranesh Pal [email protected] (07) 38633712
Rajesh Chand [email protected] (07) 3711 3526

Marriage CelebrantsOther JPs can be located via this website.

A registered marriage celebrant can conduct legal marriages in Australia.

A Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrant,  needs to:

Marriage celebrants can be found via this link.