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2017 January Newsletter3.2 MiB259
2017 February Newsletter7.7 MiB278
2017 March Newsletter663.5 KiB187
2017 May Newsletter2.8 MiB205
2017 June Newsletter4.7 MiB196
2017 Jul~Aug Newsletter814.1 KiB78
2017 October Newsletter801.3 KiB92



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The Samaj’s newsletter is a communications tool of the Samaj and is used to disseminate information to the Samaj members. The Samaj’s newsletter is a short monthly publication that contains specific information about the Samaj and the related Arya Samaj community. It serves to bond all Samaj members together into a family unit and keeps the members informed of all planned Samaj activities and functions. The Samaj newsletter builds interest in the Samaj and its activities. It is of great assistance in obtaining membership involvement in Samaj functions.