Our Mission

The Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Queensland Inc was formed and registered in Brisbane in December 1990. The objectives for this organisation are:

  • To establish religious institutions and to appoint ministers of religion and other responsible officers to maintain the institution.
  • To promote the tenets of Vedic philosophy within the members and well wishers of the association.
  • To establish and organise Arya Samajis and to promote Vedic Yajna.
  • To promote Vedic teachings, Yoga, Hindi and Music Classes.

The Sabha currently has 150 financial members and performs Yajna at members’ residence and also meets every Sunday at QVCC: 198 Learoyd Road Willawong, Brisbane. The organisation is also involved in various community services and is currently  planning the operation of the Queensland Vedic Cultural Hall.

With the construction of QVCC hall, we hope to bring all members of the community together. It has been our vision to promote Vedic philosophy and lifestyle in the wider Queensland community that we now call home. Building the aforementioned cultural centre and hosting Mahasamellan 2018 is our humble attempt to tread the path Maha Rishi Dayanand paved for us.